Friday, April 30, 2010

Mistress Lily

One look at Mistress Lily and you'll know why she has so many willing slaves. This gorgeous Goddess enjoys all things kinky but Her preference is for sissy and panty boys. She loves feminization and the thrill of seeing Her sissies become the best girlies they can be. Mistress Lily is strict, but sensual and you will find yourself eager to please Her by performing the tasks you are assigned, fulfilling Her needs and always showing Her the proper respect. Are you ready to begin your training? Call Mistress Lily and begin your transformation.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mistress Victoria

Mistress Victoria is always looking for new slaves to serve Her in many ways. Sensual or strict domination, corporal punishment, forced feminization, forced bisexual play, orgasm control/denial, foot fetish and humiliation are a few of the things She enjoys. Experienced in all fetishes and taboos, there are no limits to the ways this Mistress likes to play.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mistress Vanessa

No need to be shy with Mistress Vanessa. She understands that you like to slip on some sexy, slutty lingerie, smear some lipstick on your cock-craving lips and be a dirty little cocksucking whore. And She is more than happy to assist in your endeavors. Dressed up and pimped out, you'll have more cock than you can handle when Mistress Vanessa takes control and puts you on your knees, where you know you long to be.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mistress Rita

Cum play in Mistress Mommy Rita's bedroom. Leave your inhibitions at the door and step inside her world where everything goes and nothing is off limits. Learn how to please Mommy from head to toe, or let Mommy teach you how to enjoy your nice hard cock in ways you've never imagined. Open Mommy's toy box and see what pleasures await you while you find out why Mommy always knows best.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mistress Kendall

Hello there. My name is Mistress Kendall. My sexual experiences are too numerous and intricate to fully explain here. But, let's just say that this Lady has ZERO limits. The more taboo the scene -- the better! Do you have kinky fetishes or secret fantasies? I dare you to surprise Me. When you spend time with Me, you will soon discover that I'm an "anything goes" kind of Woman.

Mistress Sable

I am Mistress Sable. I have many specialties and desires that pansy boys such as yourself can fulfill for Me. I specialize in teasing and demanding on a different level. I will dress you up in the frilly panties you love to wear, doll you up in the silkiest of hose, have you suck cock (which we know you secretly wish you could) for Me -- and push your self-imposed limits right out of the window.

Mistress Marilyn

Mistress Marilyn loves to dress up in beautiful lingerie and sexy, silky stockings. She also loves to dress her sissy playmates and help them become the prettiest, naughtiest girlies they can be! Her well stocked closet provides endless choices from soft and sensual to nasty and slutty. Explore your feminine side with this gorgeous Goddess and you won't be disappointed.

Mistress Liza

This beautiful blonde is "smokin' hot" - literally. This sexy smoker is sensuous and demanding. Mistress Liza loves to light up and lean back while you are made to worship her luscious feet and perfect toes - and anything else she deems necessary. You'll love serving her while that seductive smoke curls from her lips as she inhales and blows against your face as she exhales.

Mistress Claudia

Do you like to play dirty, nasty games? Then you will definitely enjoy some kinky fun time with Claudia. Experienced in all taboos and fetishes, Claudia specializes in toilet play. You will love serving her and fulfilling as she demands. Your reward will be a taste of her sweet golden nectar and maybe even the privilege of cleaning her hot, sexy ass. Be prepared for anything with this wicked babe!

Mistress Marsha

Don't make Mistress Mommy Marsha mad, because she really likes to punish bad boys. Strict, cruel and harsh treatment is what you can expect when Marsha is angry with you. She gets off on humiliating you and making you suffer in ways you've never imagined. You might find yourself at the end of her paddle or her strap-on or maybe she will make you masturbate for her friends while they laugh at you and make you beg to cum. You will learn your lesson one way or another, that much is certain.

Mistress Roxy

This fiesty redhead thrives on fetish fun. Mistress Roxy is experienced in many fetishes and loves to explore anything and everything taboo with Her slaves. She particularly enjoys naughty boys willing to do whatever She demands, no matter how kinky or perverse. Try to be prepared, but expect anything when you enter Mistress Roxy's dominion.


I am Mistress Alexis, a delectable Goddess of the highest caliber. Those that have the privilege of spending time with me know that I like to get downright kinky with my submissive sluts and enjoy using them in many different ways. I am into using my eager little sluts in all manners of Female Dominant Sex and do so in such a way I'll have you doing naughty things you never dreamt of and begging to do even more to please me.